Kingdom Come: Entwickler im Exklusiv-Interview - "Warum etwas entwickeln, was ein anderer schon hat?" - Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Entwickler im Exklusiv-Interview - englischer Originaltext

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC)


Kingdom Come: Entwickler im Exklusiv-Interview - "Warum etwas entwickeln, was ein anderer schon hat?"

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25.04.2014 11:15 Uhr
Ohne Crowdfunding hätten Warhorse Studios die finanziellen Mittel für das Mittelalter-Rollenspiel Kingdom Come: Deliverance gefehlt, doch die Kickstarter-Kampagne war ein großer Erfolg. Das Indie-Spiel ist einer der interessantesten Titel für das Release-Jahr 2015 und das nahm PC Games Hardware zum Anlass, mit den Entwicklern zu sprechen - über die Technik, das Spiel, die Gefahren und die Industrie, die sich zur Zeit stark wandelt.

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PC Games Hardware: Crytec announced a pretty impressive update on their Cryengine. Apart from some new rendering-technologies - some of which are already used in CE 3.6 - they will also implement AMDs Mantle-API. Crytec also said they would offer better support for Indie-Developers than ever before. Are you considering an upgrade?

Tomáš Blaho: We are already in the process of upgrade to the latest CryE 3.6

PC Games Hardware: You told about some level of cooperation with Chris Roberts. How and in which way does this take place?

Dan Vávra: We were contacted by Chris during our Kickstarter campaign. He liked what he saw and since they were having similar needs and we were ahead of them in terms of solution for clothing and parts of AI, he asked if we would like to share some technology in exchange of what they got and we don't. So we had several skype meetings, where we explained what both parties got and now will share this tech between the studios. Why developing something someone else already has? :)

PC Games Hardware: Your combat-system is very refined compared to other games. How does your game recognize obstacles, impacts with other weapons or hits so it can play the correct animation and allocate hits?

Petr Man: We are using sophisticated collision system that is built above CryEngine collisions. It is based on continuous collision detection, advance prediction, physical movement and materials.

PC Games Hardware: Your world is quite realistically designed, while other RPGs and fantasy-games tend to blow up the scale of buildings and surroundings. How do you plan to entice the gamer with your art- and level-design?

Dan Vávra: We believe, that people starting to be kind of tired with all the epic stuff, naked elven warriors and massive explosions. We offer them time machine to transfer them to a long gone time period and let them experience what its like to be knight when times are changing. I find it much more interesting than some high fantasy and hope there could be some people who will think the same.

PC Games Hardware: There's probably no other game out there that offers more variety and possibilities with clothing and attire for in-game characters. How are you able to realize so many different layers, styles and armor-pieces without running into problems with clipping and such?

Tomáš Blaho: The clipping is still our worst enemy, but we can fight it using two options. Every cloth item specifies zones on a character that going to be partially or fully covered. We have several zones for chest, back, arm etc. For fully covered zones, we are able to preprocess underlying cloth items and remove triangles that shouldn't be visible. Partially covered zones force underlying cloth items to use different morph targets, so it simulates real cloth deformation and prevents fighting.

PC Games Hardware: Horses will be very important in your game. How do you plan to make them as realistically as all the other parts in your game?

Dan Vávra: The biggest issue we now have is how to make it look good from first person. The horses head looks kinda funny during galloping. :) But the devil lies in the details. Our horse moves more naturally on sloppy terrain, not like a car with legs and most importantly, the horse has its own AI, so he will not jump to the wall, follow the road or avoid obstacles.

PC Games Hardware: The crowd- and privately funded Kingdome Come: Deliverance is one of the most ambitious games currently in development. Do you think that the greater part of the game-industry is funneled through a too-narrow path by the publishers and thus being held back in its evolution?

Dan Vávra: Yes, but I wouldn't say that it still is - it was. You don't need a publisher to develop and sell a game these days. Look at the Top 10 on Steam. 6 of 10 games are indies. Two years ago it would be one. Publisher model as it worked so far is a thing of the past.

PC Games Hardware: Some gamers are quite hyped by the thought of crowd-funding, some are cautiously reserved in fear of being disappointed or ripped-off and some of us are both. There's a difficult path in between for a developer to tread. How do you plan on doing so?

Dan Vávra: Game development is a risky process and everyone should be aware of this, especially when supporting someone on Kickstarter. Even the best developers make mistakes, games get delayed, features are changed on the go. Game development is research, not just manufacturing. There is lot of unknowns that can turn out to be more complicated than expected. So there is lot of risk, but the results could be awesome when things turn out right in the end. And that's why we do it and that's why its worth it to support new projects. We are trying to be open about what we do and how we do it. If there are troubles, we will tell people about it. People invested money in us, but we also invested a lot, I spent all my savings to get this project going and several years of work, lots of nerves, so I want this to be made the same or more than anyone else. :)

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Das Team in der Tschechei
Diesen Staat gibt es seit 1945 nicht mehr.
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....ich gebe den Moddern 3 Stunden ab Release des Spiels, dann ist der Mod für nackte Elfen draußen^^
Lass den Preis in angemessene Regionen sinken (30 und drunter), dann flattert es zu mir

Woran du schon wieder denkst Das ist mir bisher gar nicht in den Sinn gekommen
25.04.2014 15:07 Uhr
....ich gebe den Moddern 3 Stunden ab Release des Spiels, dann ist der Mod für nackte Elfen draußen^^
Lass den Preis in angemessene Regionen sinken (30 und drunter), dann flattert es zu mir

Achja, an den Modder:
Wenn du dann n Modell für ne nackte Elfe brauchst: Schreib mich an^^
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Jedoch ist es verwirrend und nicht richtig, wenn man schreibt CryEngine 3 mit der Version 3.6. Man sollte vielleicht schreiben: CryEngine,... welche nun bald auf die Version 3.6 geupdatet wird.

So steht es ja jetzt im Artikel.
25.04.2014 13:40 Uhr
3.6 ist eben ein Entwicklungszweig von der CryEngine 3, so wie ich auch leicht sagen kann Game X verwendet die Unreal Engine 4 mit der neusten Versionsnummer 4.x.

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