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  • Download: Rivatuner 2.06 Beta

    (Bild: PCGH) (Bild: PCGH) Quelle: (Bild: PCGH) Das beliebte Übertaktungsprogramm Rivatuner ist nun in der neuen Version 2.06 Beta erschienen.

    Als größte Änderungen stellen sich die verbesserte Übersetzung, Änderung am Userinterface sowie die verbesserte Speicherermittlung bei G84- beziehungsweise G86-Grafikprozessoren.

    Daneben hielten viele weitere Änderungen Einzug:
    Added ForceWare 167.xx drivers family support including ForceWare 167.xx compatible overclocking. Please take a note that 2D/3D clock switching for some GPU families is completely broken in early 167.26 drivers. Until the problem is fixed in the driver RivaTuner bypasses this issue by mapping 2D, LowPower 3D and 3D performance level clocks to the same single clocking level provided by these drivers.
    Updated databases for Detonator and ForceWare drivers. Added databases for ForceWare 163.74, 163.75, 163.76 and 167.26.
    Added Catalyst 7.10 drivers detection.
    Updated Catalyst 7.10 certified SoftR9x00 patch script (for Windows 2000/XP drivers only).
    Added ATI RV670 graphics processors family support. Now RivaTuner's low-level features including overclocking, monitoring, diagnostics and fan control are available on ATI RADEON HD 38x0 family. Thanks to Anthony Tam @ HIS for providing ATI RADEON HD 3850 sample for testing.
    Added experimental support for the rest upcoming 55nm ATI RV6xx graphics processors families.
    Improved RV610/RV630 graphics processors families support. The improvements cover wide range of hardware overclocking, diagnostics, fan control and monitoring features.
    Added NVIDIA G92 graphics processors family support. Now RivaTuner's driver-level tuning and low-level features including overclocking, monitoring, diagnostics and fan control are available on NVIDIA 8800GT and other upcoming G92 based NVIDIA products.
    Improved driver-level fan control tab for NVIDIA display adapters:
    Added driver-level fan control tab for NVIDIA Vista drivers. Now RivaTuner is able to control fan on midrange NVIDIA display adapters with integrated fan controller under Vista via the ForceWare's NVAPI interfaces. Please take a note that unlike Windows XP fan control interfaces Vista's NVAPI fan control interfaces do not support independent 2D/3D fan speed adjustment and allow you to use either automatic or direct fixed fan control only. By default NVAPI fan control interfaces are used under Vista only, however Windows XP owners can also force RivaTuner to use Vista specific fan control interfaces if needed. The forcing can be useful to get fan control working on some graphics processors families, having broken separate 2D/3D fan control implementation in Windows XP driver (e.g. GeForce 8600 family).
    Driver-level fan control tab is now hidden on display adapters supporting binary fan control only (i.e. able either to run fan at full speed or shut it down completely) to avoid confusing beginners. Power users may unlock binary fan control if necessary by setting AllowBinaryFanSpeedControl registry entry to 1.
    Improved low-level overclocking tab for ATI R6xx/RV6xx display adapters:
    Now RivaTuner supports overclocking on ATI RV6xx display adapters using DPM (Dynamic Power Management) clock frequency adjustment.
    Now RivaTuner restores default clocks on ATI R6xx/RV6xx by means of the driver's PowerPlay table reset if possible.
    Improved low-level fan control tab:
    Improved duty cycle generation accuracy for display adapters using LM63, LM64, F75363 and ADT7473 external I2C fan controllers.
    Added low-level fan control support for ATI RV6xx integrated fan controllers.
    Added low-level fan control support for NVIDIA NV3x and newer integrated fan controllers. Please take a note that low-level fan control tab for display adapters using integrated fan controller (e.g. GeForce 6600, 7800GT, 7900GT etc) is provided only as a workaround allowing you to control the fan if the drivers are completely unable to do it. It is strongly not recommended to use low-level fan control for integrated fan controllers if driver-level fan control functions properly.
    Improved hardware monitoring module:
    Added ATI RV6xx DPM (Dynamic Power Management) technology support. Now RivaTuner is able to monitor dynamically changing RV6xx clock core and memory clock frequencies adjusted in real-time by DPM depending on the GPU usage.
    Added 'Reference fan duty cycle' graph for ATI RV6xx graphics processors families.
    Added 'Reference fan duty cycle' graph for NVIDIA G80 and newer graphics processors families. Please take a note that some non-reference G84 based display adapters use inverted PWM polarity fan control, which means that 'Reference fan duty cycle' displays inverted duty cycle as well as low-level fan control slider is inverted too. Such issues can be resolved by adding such display adapters to internal fan controller database represented by [FANPWM] section of RivaTuner.cfg file. The polarity can be inverted by adding the entry identifying such display adapter to the database and specifying inverted fan PWM controller ID (84h) for it instead of normal one (04h).
    Heavily optimized low-level I2C bus access algorithms for NVIDIA G80 and newer graphics processors families. Now the bus is accessed via new dedicated I2C registers instead of traditional I2C CRTC ports. Dedicated I2C access drastically reduces CPU time consumed by each I2C transaction (up to 5x - 7x times faster on certain hardware configurations). The effect of the optimization is the most visible in conjunction with MMIO mode when any device connected to I2C bus (e.g. ADT7473 thermal / fan controller) is being frequently polled. Power users may activate the previously available I2C access mode for performance comparison by setting NVI2CAccessModeG8x registry entry to 0.
    Now hardware monitoring graph renderer flushes bitmap caches after each display mode change to help display driver to render the graphs in optimal way. By default flushing is performed within a period of time defined by PostDisplayChangeBitmapFlushPeriod registry entry, the period can be changed by redefining it or the flushing can be disabled completely by setting the period to 0.
    Improved diagnostic report module:
    Improved navigation via the list of diagnostic report categories. Now report preview window is positioned on desired category more accurately when double clicking it in the list of diagnostic report categories.
    Improved PowerPlay table flags decoding in 'ATI VGA BIOS information' diagnostic report category.
    Added MMIO protection fallback support. Now RivaTuner automatically disables MMIO protection, notifies the user and starts in unprotected mode if the protective system is unable to allocate required protected MMIO range aperture (e.g. due to fragmented or limited kernel address space).
    Added #opt tag support to driver files database parser to allow including optional driver files in the database. This token was exclusively added to provide detection of ATI's ramdomly named OpenGL ICD drivers.
    Now RivaTuner uses %RTFolder% macro name when saving a path to external resources (e.g. databases or hardware monitoring log files) stored in the application folder. Power users can disable this feature by setting AllowRelativePathsEncoding registry entry to 0.
    Minor UI changes and improvements.

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Download: Rivatuner 2.06 Beta