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    Evgas Precision Tool ist seit gestern in der Version 1.7.1 erhältlich. Evgas Precision Tool ist seit gestern in der Version 1.7.1 erhältlich. Quelle:
    Version 1.9.1:
    • Added workaround for overclocking bug of ForceWare 196.21. Please take a note that the workaround is applied only to 196.00 - 196.21 driver versions range in order to ensure compatibility with future fixed NVIDIA drivers.

    Version 1.9.0:
    • Fixed 3D memory clock monitoring on NVIDIA GeForce GT 240 DDR5 series graphics cards
    • Added configuration file setting allowing power users to display performance profiler status information in the hardware monitor window. The information allows estimating average CPU performance hit caused by hardware monitor
    • On-Screen Display and Logitech LCD monitoring modules no longer explicitly read displayed data from hardware and retrieve cached data from monitoring graphs instead. Due to this change CPU performance hit is reduced when OSD or LCD monitoring features are enabled
    • Fan speed slider position and numeric fan speed input field are now being refreshed in automatic fan speed mode only when EVGA Precision window is active
    • Added configuration file switches allowing power users to tweak Precision startup process and define startup delay or force the startup to be handled by Windows Vista / Windows 7 Task Scheduler to bypass UAC evaluation window (additional Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime libraries installation is required for task scheduler based startup way)
    • Added videomemory usage monitoring for NVIDIA graphics cards under Forceware 185.xx and newer drivers
    • Added GPU usage monitoring for NVIDIA GT2xx and newer graphics cards under Forceware 185.xx and newer drivers
    • EVGA On-Screen Display server has been upgraded to version 3.6.0. New server provides improved desktop windows notification mechanism and also features optional power user oriented task scheduler based startup way
    • Reduced runtime skin engine memory footprint due to dynamic skin storage unloading

    Version 1.8.1:
    • Added NVIDIA GeForce G210, GT220 and GT240 series graphics cards support.
    • EVGA On-Screen Display Server has been updated to version 3.5.0. Floating injection address hooking technology, which has been introduced in the previous version, is now disabled by default and can be enabled via the "Stealth mode" option in the server's properties.
    • Added hotkeys cross-links checking, Precision no longer allows defining the same hotkey for two different actions at the same time.
    • Added "Browse" button to "Screen capture" tab to allow users to change target folder for screenshots.
    • Added inegration with external overclocking stability testing applications.

    Version 1.7.1:
    • Added update checking system
    • Now Logitech keyboard soft-buttons can be used to scroll Precision's LCD text in any direction. Both vertical and horizonatal scrolling can be easily reset by pressing up and down or left and right scroll soft-buttons simultaneously.

    Version 1.7.0:
    • Considering that many third party EVGA Precision skins are still not updated to be compatible with 1.5.x and newer versions, now the Precision provides a temporary workaround and allows unlocking outdated skins usage (in reduced functionality mode). Experienced users may unlock outdated skins usage by setting ShowNonNativeSkins configuration file entry to 1. Please don't use the workaround as a long term solution and ask skin creator to provide the update if the skin you are using is invisible to Precision by default.
    • Link button state is no longer restored improperly on multi-GPU systems when GPU synchronization mode is disabled.
    • Fixed fan control for Forceware 17x.xx and older driver families.
    • Now pressing "Apply" or "Reset all" button causes the Precision to forcibly re-apply current overclocking and fan control settings on multi-GPU systems when GPU synchronization mode is enabled even when master GPU setttings are not being altered. The enhancement ensures more correct GPU synchronization functionality on the systems with several differently clocked cards.
    • Now Precision displays GPU synchronization indicators on GPU selection icons to ensure easy identification of all GPUs synchronized with the master GPU on multi-GPU systems.
    • Improved stress-test results handling on multi-GPU systems working in GPU synchronization mode.
    • Added internal hardware emulation layer for simplifying distant debugging and testing process.
    • Now Precision allows assigning a global hotkey for capturing desktop/in-game screenshots using built-in screen capture features of EVGA On-Screen Display server. Please take a note that similar to the server's On-Screen Display limitations, screen capture functionality is also currently not available in native 64-bit applications and in Direct3D10 applications when multisampled antialiasing is enabled.
    • Now Precision allows assigning a global hotkey for toggling On-Screen Display visibility in addition to the previously available hotkeys explicitly showing and hiding the On-Screen Display
    • Now Precision displays warnings when you are trying to display too many text information in the On-Screen Display causing the displayed information to be truncated
    • EVGA On-Screen Display Server has been updated to version 3.3.0
    • Minor user interface cleanups

    Version 1.6.1:
    • Added PCB temperature monitoring (also known as board, ambient or environment temperature in other hardware monitoring tools) for display adapters equipped with additional thermal sensors (e.g. 8800GTX or GTX 200 series).
    • Added workaround for NVIDIA driver's internal fan control timing issues causing wrong fan speed to be displayed on the slider during switching from automatic to manual fan control mode on display adapters equipped with discrete ADT7473 fan controllers under certain conditions.
    • Added new OSD tab to advanced Precision settings window. New tab allows users to define global hotkeys for toggling On-Screen Display visibility and allows disabling On-Screen Display header.
    • Now Precision can display system time in On-Screen Display header.
    • EVGA On-Screen Display Server has been updated to version 3.2.1. New version includes improved exception handling and no longer crashes on startup after closing the previous running instance of the server improperly (e.g. due to crash or due to forcible server process killing via the task manager).
    • Various code and skin engine cleanups and optimizations.
    EVGA Precision v1.6.0 (03-25-2009)
    • Now Precision monitoring window can be detached from the main form allowing the user to define custom monitoring window position and size. Double click attached monitoring window to detach it from the main form, double click it one more time or simply close it to attach it back.
    • Now Precision provides multi-GPU control for the systems with up to 8 NVIDIA GPUs to ensure compatibility with future SLI systems and provide support for modern 5-GPU Quad-SLI + PhysX systems.
    • Optimized multi-GPU profiles loader drastically reduces profiles load time when GPU synchronization mode is enabled.
    • Now Precision always sorts GPUs by PCI location to ensure that GPU indices stay the same in the system regardless of operating system, display driver version and GPU display outputs connection.
    • EVGA On-Screen Display Server has been updated to version 3.2.0. Similar to the previous version of Precision, new server also features new skin format v1.1 adding bitmap effects support to the skin compiler.
    • Added new black skin edition.

    Version 1.5.0:
    • New multi-GPU systems control approach. Now Precision gives you independent access to thermal monitoring, overclocking and fan control settings of all GPUs installed in the system regardless of SLI mode status. Please take a note that the previous version settings and profiles are not compatible with version 1.5.0 and will be lost.
    • Added new green and dark skin editions.
    • New skin format v1.1 adds bitmap effects support to the skin compiler. Now skin creators can use new technology to simplify skin creation process and easily create different color editions of the same skin by applying various color tuning effects to the same bitmaps during compilation. Built-in blue, violet, green and dark skin editions are based on new technology, so it is recommended to use these skins as bitmap effects usage tutorials.
    • Added multi-GPU core, shader and memory clocks and fan speeds monitoring.
    • SLI mode status is detected dynamically and displayed properly in system info when SLI mode is being toggled on the fly during Precision runtime.
    • Now Precision displays graphics processor codename in system info.
    • Fixed memory clock monitoring for G98 graphics processors family.
    • Now Precision is able to detect memory clock frequency generator switching to PCIE bus clock and display correct idle 100MHz memory clock frequency on GeForce 9 and older series graphics cards.
    • Added -profile0 ... -profile9 command line switches for loading the profiles.
    • EVGA On-Screen Display Server has been updated to version 3.1.2. New server provides improved compatibility with SecuRom protected games when high application detection level is selected and fixes issues with starting the server with no server icon displayed in the system tray area under certain conditions.
    • Various internal code cleanups and optimizations.

    Version 1.4.0:
    • EVGA On-Screen Display Server has been updated to version 3.0.0. New server supports skinned user interface (more skins coming soon!) and provides more quick and easy beginner friendly access to On-Screen Display customization features. The server's On-Screen Display profiles are upgradable now and no longer lost after installing new version of Precision.
    • New version of skin engine improves compatibility with third party skins and gives more freedom to skin creators, allowing creating animated buttons.
    • Now the first graph is automatically selected when opening monitoring tab in advanced Precision settings to make On-Screen Display, G15 LCD and tray icon monitoring settings more simple for beginners.

    Version 1.0.2:
    • Added tray icon temperature monitoring feature
    • Added set of synchronization protocols aimed to improve Precision usage safety in conjunction with third party hardware monitoring tools
    • Added exception handling to PLL clock frequency monitoring routines
    • Precision settings are now stored in display adapter model specific profiles to allow keeping the settings when installing new version
    • Now the uninstaller allows you to keep Precision settings
    • Compact graph mode is enabled by default now
    • Now Precision reverts to default skin if corrupted skin is selected

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    Aha, und ich habe nur ATI grafikkarten. Danke schön.
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    moin aus schleswig holstein nach holland, ich muss sagen das ich evga precision noch nie auf einer ATI karte habe…
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Der Rivatuner ist ein beliebtes Tuning-Tool für Grafikkarten, welches aufgrund des immensen Funktionsumfangs jedoch viele überfordert. Vor einiger Zeit stellte Grafikkartenhersteller Evga das Precision-Tool vor. Die aktuellen Updates finden Sie bei uns im lokalen Download.