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  • Jumpgate Evolution: Bilder des Sci-Fi-MMO von Codemasters - Update

    Jumpgate Evolution heißt ein MMORPG von Codemasters und Netdevil, dass Sci-Fi-Fans durchaus interessieren könnte. Die Grafik des Spiels kann überzeugen, das Gameplay muss es noch beweisen.

    Jumpgate Evolution (4) Jumpgate Evolution (4) Quelle: Codemasters Mit Jumpgate Evolution hat Codemasters ein MMORPG in der Entwicklung, das derzeit zumindest optisch zu überzeugen weiß. Die veröffentlichten Screenshots von Jumpgate Evolution zeigen ein durchaus ansehnliches Universum, durch das Sie ab 26. Juni 2009 streifen können. Entwickelt wird der Titel bei Netdevil, die bereits die Simulation Jumpgate (2001) und das MMORPG Auto Assault (2006) entwickelten.

    Jumpgate Evolution soll ein actionreiches MMORPG werden, dass populäre Elemente aus Elite, X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter und Privateer kombiniert. Die Steuerung des MMORPG soll revolutionär werden und will weg vom klassischen Point-and-Click. Der Spieler kann sich einer der drei Nationen anschließen, die nochmals in Subkategorien untergliedert ist und sich deutlich unterschiedlich spielen lassen sollen.

    Codemasters und Netdevil umschreiben Jumpgate Evolution im englischen mit folgenden Punkten:

    • Immense Online Battles - Enter a dynamic universe and fight alongside or against thousands of players in immense online battles.
    • Elite Space Combat - Adrenaline-fuelled, action space combat set within an immense persistent universe.
    • Player Advancement - Answer your calling as you advance your online career through endless content, ships and weaponry.
    • Massive Space Conflict - Use cunning military tactics as you and your squadron destroy enormous space stations and devastating capital ships.
    • Highly Accessible - Incredibly scaleable game engine allows Jumpgate to be fully playable, even on older PCs.

    Update: Jumpgate Evolution wird nicht wie geplant im Juni erscheinen. Diese Nachricht musste Scott Brown von Codemasters verbreiten. Der Grund für die Verschiebung läge am Feedback der Betatester. Man wolle diese konstruktive Phase ausgiebig nutzen und Ideen umsetzen. Zudem will man bei Codemasters vermeiden, dass man ein unfertiges Produkt auf den Markt bringt und so für negative Schlagzeilen sorgt. Der neue Termin ist noch offen.

    Im englischen Original aus dem Forum heißt es:

    It's been about three years since we originally started thinking about making Jumpgate Evolution and in those three years many of you have been following the game's progress quite closely. You've watched the project grow and gain momentum as it has become what it is today. Getting the game complete and into your hands is the point we're really eager to get to and we strive each week to get to where we can share our adventures in space together.

    One of the things we've always promised is that we would not release an unfinished product, nor would we subject players to a sub-par experience. The worst situation for a developer is that our game does not meet the expectations of our fans. This is constantly weighed against the need and desire to release the game and let our dedicated community play the game as soon as possible. I know that many of you have seen the targeted June release date and that has generated significant excitement. As with all game development projects, we constantly have to evaluate the quality of the product against anticipation. The question always asked among ourselves, does what we have meet the expectations of the players? Is what we have a good game?

    With that, let me be up front about the current state of the game from where we stand. Jumpgate Evolution is nearly feature complete, but since entering the Friends & Family phase of testing we've been able to bring new eyes onto the game and get solid, crucial feedback from actual players and fans. Based on these results, it is clear that the product needs more time to meet its objectives. As an example, we have received and read lots of feedback regarding the instanced and public PvP systems. The feedback has been vital in helping us polish and improve this core feature of the game. We take a lot of time in digesting and considering what people say and take feedback seriously. Given that situation I can tell you that we would rather delay the release, than let you down by releasing an unfinished product. We will continue development past June while extending the test schedules and respond to the results of those tests.

    Nowadays, Massively Multiplayer Online Games have a highly competitive market and a less-than-stellar release can be the end of a title before it starts. Our passion for this game means we want to release it in a state that is complete. You have raised the bar for us and we feel a great responsibility to reach that bar and exceed it. The only thing worse than waiting is being rewarded with a product that does not live up to its potential. We've always had one goal while developing this game which we've stated over and over. That goal is to make a great, and most of all fun, space combat game. Until we, and you, are happy that the game fully meets all of those requirements we won't release it.

    We understand news of this delay is disappointing. The good news is that our immediate goal is to get the game ready for larger groups of people as we get into wider testing. This means that more people will have more time to give us the vital feedback we will need to improve the game. Once we've established our road map for the next few months we'll share with you when the revised release date is.

    Thanks for your patience and continued support.

    See you in space!

    Scott Brown.

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Jumpgate Evolution heißt ein MMORPG von Codemasters und Netdevil, dass Sci-Fi-Fans durchaus interessieren könnte. Die Grafik des Spiels kann überzeugen, das Gameplay muss es noch beweisen.