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        Germany, think twice - Widerspruch juridically means nothing here

        German civilians, journalists and politicians alike seem to think, a "Widerspruch-register" will bring something for civilians. This is a misunderstanding.

        The multinationals that have been fotographing streets, houses, buildings, gardens, garages, people & cars on a global scale, and have published these pictures online, run the business according to their own rules. Civilians, public bodies, organisations or companies are not able to negociate with them, or get something done by shouting loud by suggest a lot or by developing a Widerspruch-register.

        Microsoft, Google, Apple and Baidu are neither democracies nor "good guys". They're (semi-monopolistic) companies, managed very well, marketed very well, with the goal to make profit. That's normal for a multinational. They have no laws that give people basic rights or freedoms. It's rather silly to expect that from a company. It's even more silly to expect that a company will protect civilian-rights more than the Federal Republic of Germany would and could do. Or did we miss something on the level of democracy in the BRD ??? De Maiziere seems not to be the brightest boy in the classroom, here he's tricked out easily by Scheer.

        Some information: BITKOM-members come from the (IT)-industry, for instance DATEV, Microsoft, T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom), Deloitte.

        10com | basic rights for civilians in digital worlds
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Bitkom lobt Googles bisherige Bemühungen, die Privatsphäre der Bürger zu schützen. Dennoch muss ein Regelwerk erarbeitet werden. Eine Zentrale Widerspruchs-Stelle soll Bilder vieler Panorama-Dienste auf einmal unkenntlich machen lassen.
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