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        Find ich gut. Das Menü ist nämlich nicht sonderlich Oldschool mit diesen verschiedenen Registern die da rumgeschoben werden. Fühlt sich teilweise echt langatmig an, gerade am Anfang wenn man die ganze Config vornimmt.


        ...what we changed after the demo.

        1. Added a FOV slider in Menu>Options>Video
        2. Added a Fast Menu option in the Main Menu
        3. Fixed a Crash - while in game, Video Options, with any of the expandable menus open, after pressing ESC the game crashed.
        4. Due to various bugs we removed the ability to use console commands FOR THE TIME BEING. When we'll deal with the bugs (mostly saving the current AI state issues) we will reimplement console commands.
        5. Fixed compatibility issue with _____x1200 Vertical resolution in menus.
        6. Implemented German Steam achievements.
        7. Fixed various localisation issues.
        8. Improved loading times between levels.
        9. Added different tabs in Load Game menu for each difficulty level separately.
        10 Removed the Benchmark as it was especially designed for the free Demo version. If you want we will reimplement the Benchmark in the upcoming patch.
        11. Improved in-game video replay.
        12. Added 6 additional checkpoints throughout the game.
        13. Fixed an issue with the profile system - Video Options will now be correctly applied after changing from a Steam profile to a Local one.
        14. Fixed various issues concerning level geometry

        The game is now available in English (full voiced version), German (full voiced version), Russian (full voiced version) and Polish (cinematic).

        We are currently implementing a full support mode for Eyefinity/3dVision.
        We are also preparing a patch that will adress some of the issues you mentioned on the forums and in the emails.

        Some surprises await you in the near future, and we will support Hard Reset even after its launch.

        We want to show you that WE do care about the PC gamers community and our fans.

        Have fun guys and stay tuned for more info.
        If you have any questions or request:
        [Ins Forum, um diesen Inhalt zu sehen]
        Source: http://forums.steampowere...
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Hard Reset
Flying Wild Hog
Der Shooter Hard Reset ist erst seit heute im Handel und bekommt schon einen ersten Patch spendiert. Dieser soll neben einem Fast-Menu-Knopf, der die Animationen im Menü beschleunigt, auch das Field-of-View deutlich erweitern. Die Einstellungen lassen sich im Menü vornehmen. Zwei Screenshots zeigen den Unterschied zwischen den beiden Sichtwinkeln.
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