Cebit 2007: Interview with AMD/Atis Vijay Sharma (long version, english)


Cebit 2007: Interview with AMD/Atis Vijay Sharma (long version, english)

Carsten Spille
31.03.2007 15:01 Uhr

Vijay Sharma (picture: Vijay Sharma (picture: [Quelle: ] The original printed, but somewhat shortened version was first published in issue 05/2007 of the german PC Games Hardware magazine.

Here you'll find the unabridged and uncensored interview transscript of PCGH with Vijay Sharma at Cebit 2007. It was a freely held conversation - no scripted questions and answers. So please bear with us the casual manner of speech and grammar. The Interview was conducted by Carsten Spille on behalf of PC Games Hardware, all rights reserved. (2007)

PCGH: Hi Vijay. AMD decided not to launch R600 officially at Cebit. Can you give us a clue, what was your reason to do or not do so?

Vijay Sharma [Director of Desktop Discrete Product Marketing at AMD]: Sure. Our initial plan as you're probably aware was to do an NDA press media event this week just before Cebit at Amsterdam. And we realized that we had two derivative products of R600 coming. So we had a whole family of R600-products coming within 45, 60 days of each other. So we said rather than have the press come to Amsterdam before Cebit and then another month later do another event lets talk about the whole family at once and include desktop and mobile products as well. So we have a very strong story and we choose to hold on the R600 and have a combined event later in april.

PCGH: So that means the reason for the delay is not R600 not being ready...

Vijay Sharma: No, no. The R600 schedule hasn't changed. So we're building boards, we're on the same hardware-schedule that we've always been. We're just not launching the product until we launch the family.

PCGH: Given the problems your competitor has with Vista drivers what is your feeling about your Vista drivers for R6x-Generation.

Vijay Sharma: We are very confident in our Vista drivers. We had our first Vista driver that was WHQL-certified I believe in November...

PCGH: So even before Vista...

Vijay Sharma: Even before Vista we had WQHL-certification. So our driver is in great shape. And the other point is we are actually on our second generation of DX10.

PCGH: You're talking about Xbox360-GPU...

Vijay Sharma: Yes, Xbox360 was our first generation and we're on our second generation and you can see our lead in the drivers. This isn't the first time we're doing this. We have a lead, we have established technology, so we're very confident.

PCGH: A couple of days ago there was a blog entry by one of the FSX developers stating that they obviously had a R600 to experiment with and that it's geometry shader performance was much higher than G80s. Can you comment on that?

Vijay Sharma: I haven't heard of that specific instance or example...

PCGH: He didn't give any numbers...

Vijay Sharma: No, but you know even in our [...] I can tell you in our X1000 series architecture our predicted branch performance in shader model 3 is seven times more efficient than our competitors. So we've done things in our architecture (and we continue to) that allows for maximum efficiency in executing shader code. And so I'm not surprised that the geometry shader is working very well in R600.


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Cebit 2007: Interview with AMD/Atis Vijay Sharma (long version, english)