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Gothic 3
Gothic 3 add-on
Today the Gothic 3 add-on has been released. The engine is the same as in the original game that was published in 2006 - so what can you expect in matter of graphics? We toured through the gameworld, to give some impressions of the best possible visual quality. The screenshots in this gallery were taken on a Geforce GTX with 32xS-AA, TMSAA and 16:1 HQ-AF; additionally we increased the draw distance a little by tweaking an ini file. [br] [br]Our opinion: The visual presentation is double-edged. When walking through Myrtana we saw, excellent models and textures that make a painfully obvious contrast to low numbers of polygons and the poor LOD system. Some extraordinary characteristics are the impressive waterfalls, walks at dusk with beautiful sunsets and the possibly best wood textures ever. What do you think?
gothic 3