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  • Silverstone Raven 2 reviewed

    With the Raven Silverstone introduced a new concept to the PC case market. The Raven 2 is the next step of the evolution and offers an enhanced design. PC Games Hardware tested the new case.

    Silverstone Raven 2 reviewed: Introduction
    The Raven 2 had been on display for the first time at the Computex in Taipei. It offers the same functionality as its predecessor, the Raven RV01. The special feature: Silverstone rotated the position of the motherboard by 90 degrees so that the I/O panel and the connectors point upwards. The idea behind this is to use the stack effect in order to vent the case - warm air is ascending. That this concept works has been shown by the Raven RV01 since the case reached the best temperature results with our test setup. Silverstone has refined the system and gave the Raven 2 a clearer layout.

    Silverstone Raven 2 reviewed (8)Silverstone Raven 2 reviewed (8)Quelle: http://www.pcgameshardware.deSiverstone Raven 2 reviewed: Design and exterior
    The looks of the Raven 2 fit the functionality. Due to the rotated motherboard, the case is longer than usual. The design is not as aggressive as the Raven RV01. Nevertheless, the Raven 2 still looks like a stealth vehicle although the number of hard edges and angles has been reduced noticeably. The front is ornamented with a V-shaped plexiglas ornament that is supposed to look like a raven with spread wings. The covers of the drive bays have a small bend in the middle, but no openings. The I/O panel is located on the top side and offers two USB and audio ports. The power and the reset switches are placed right beside the panel. The left side panel has a big window that offers an unobstructed view at the motherboard and the power supply unit, but not the drives - an almost perfect solution. On the rear side there is only a small hatch with a dust filter for the power supply unit. The V-shaped theme also occurs on the removable top cover.

    Silverstone Raven 2 reviewed (16)Silverstone Raven 2 reviewed (16)Quelle: http://www.pcgameshardware.deSilverstone Raven 2 reviewed: Interior
    The side panels can be opened easily after the top cover has been removed. The Raven 2 has a complete black finish o the inside. Three 180 millimeter fans which are installed on the floor suck fresh air into the case. Above them the motherboard is installed. Thus the graphics cards have an optimal supply of fresh air. The power supply unit is positioned - with the fan pointing towards the rear and the air exhaust directed upwards - on the right side of the motherboard. In the front of the case there are five 5.25 inch drive bays and three bays for 3.5 inch devices. A single 120 millimeter fan exhausts warm air.

    Silverstone raven 2 reviewed: Practical test
    Installing the hardware into the Raven 2 is much easier than it has been in case of the Raven RV01. An opening in the motherboard tray grants easy access to possible backplates of CPU coolers. PSU and drives can also be installed easily. Nice: If the cables of the PSU are long enough, they can be run next to the fans and thus are not visible anymore when the side panels are closed. The dust filters of the lower fans and the power supply unit can be accessed easily - but to exchange them the side panel has to be removed. The Raven 2 also offers more space beneath the removable lid: Now it is even possible to use VGA cables with attached DVI adaptations. For SSDs Silverstone delivers an additional mounting plat that can be attached to the backside of the 5.25 inch drive bays. There also is an adaptation that allows you to connect the 3-pin case fans to the PSU. Even if the Raven 2 doesn't look like the perfect water cooling case Silverstone includes two mounting rails that can be used to attach a 360 millimeter radiator to the two 180 millimeter fans in the back of the case.

    Silverstone Raven 2 reviewed (14)Silverstone Raven 2 reviewed (14)Quelle: http://www.pcgameshardware.deSilverstone Raven 2 reviewed: Performance
    Silverstone's Raven 2 also convinces in practical tests: the processor of our test setup only reaches 72 degrees Celsius - the lowest result ever reached among the cases we tested. The graphics card reaches 74 degrees Celsius - only on degree more than the best result reached. The loudness is recorded from the front at a distance of 50 centimeters. Since the Raven 2 doesn't have a front door or any openings in the front the loudness reaches only 2.6 sone. The lower fans can be controlled and set to 700 or 1,000 rpm. For the temperature tests we used the faster option.

    Silverstone Raven 2 reviewed: Conclusion
    In our review the Raven 2 was absolutely convincing. Due to the rotated motherboard all components can be installed easily and cable management isn't difficult. Only the hard drives are a little tricky to set up. The quality of workmanship is good, but the front and the lid are made of plastic. The Fortress FT02, which has also been presented at the Computex, is the luxury edition of the Raven 2. The performance results reach highest levels and thus the Silverstone Raven 2 receives a Top Product Award.

    ProductRaven 2
    Price/Price-Performance ratioEuro 140.-/very good
    Fans (Position)1 x 120 mm (lid),3 x 180 mm (floor)
    Space for graphics card(s)30 centimeters
    Modding/SilentWindows, illumated logo, hard drive anti vibration
    I/O panel2 x USB, Audio
    Weight12.5 kilograms
    Dimensions212 x 503 x 643 mm
    CPU temperature (load)72 degrees Celsius
    Graphics card temperature (load)74 degrees Celsius
    Case temperature (load)23 degrees Celsius
    Hard drive temperature (load)34 degrees Celsius
    Loudness in Sone (load)2.6 Sone
    Compatbility test passedYes


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Successor of the revolutionary Raven RV01
With the Raven Silverstone introduced a new concept to the PC case market. The Raven 2 is the next step of the evolution and offers an enhanced design. PC Games Hardware tested the new case.