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  • Corsair Obsidian 800D PC case reviewed

    Corsair is extending the product array step by step. With the Obsidian 800D we just received a sample of Corsair's first PC case.

    Corsair Obsidian 800D: Introduction
    The Obsidian 800D had already been presented at the Cebit in Hanover. But the prototype that had been on display there only gave an idea of the basic structure and left enough room for detail improvements. It seems like Corsair made use of the feedback from the press and the visitors. At the Computex selected members of the press were shown an enhanced prototype which even ad a water cooling system installed. PC Games Hardware has now received the final version of the Obsidian 800D.

    Corsair Obsidian 800D: Design
    For the Obsidian 800 D Corsair created a simple design, but due its huge size the case appears quite massive. In the left side panel Corsair integrated a window that reveals the components - while a possibly installed radiator cannot be seen the department of the PSU is visible. In the lid there are three openings for 120 millimeter fans. The front is made of brushed aluminum and has two hatches which cover the I/O panel (4x USB, audio, Firewire) and four Hot Swap bays for 3.5 inch hard drives. The three metal feet of the case should have been integrated into the overall appearance to make them less obtrusive.

    Corsair Obsidian 800D reviewed (13)Corsair Obsidian 800D reviewed (13)Quelle: PC Games HardwareCorsair Obsidian 800D: Interior
    Both side panels can be removed by the press of a button - no screws required. The interior of the 800D is completely black, even cables and screws. The PSU has a separate department in the lower part of the case with the motherboard tray above it. Hard drives can either be installed into the Hot Swap bays or in the front of the PSU department. Up to five 5.25 inch devices can be installed in the appropriate drive bays. Three 140 millimeter fans supply the components with fresh air: One is placed next to the hard drives, one in the inserted floor and one on in the rear. Three 120 millimeter fans including a radiator can be installed in the lid. The venting concept is supposed to acquire fresh air from below. The PSU exhaust warm air directly to the back. Graphics cards are supplied with fresh air by the fan on the inserted floor while the fan in the rear exhausts the war air. The fan next to the hard drives directs the war air to the backside of the motherboard tray where it is sucked out of the case by the rear fan.

    Corsair Obsidian 800D reviewed (25)Corsair Obsidian 800D reviewed (25)Quelle: PC Games HardwareCorsair Obsidian 800D: Practice
    When installing our test hardware into the case we didn't encounter any problems. Corsair designed the Obsidian 800D so that all cables can be placed behind the motherboard tray - this allows a clear look for the interior but even normal sized ATX boards appear a little small. Although he cables of our Enermax Galaxy power supply unit were long enough to cover the distances, there might be devices that don't. Therefore Corsair included an extension for the 8-pin power connector.

    Users of water cooling systems might be happy about the huge amount of available space that can be used for the required components. While a triple radiator in the lid can have a total height of up to 10.7 centimeters, there are no pre-defined mounting places for reservoirs or a pump. A big dust filter that covers all opening on the floor can be pulled out on the and thus is easy to clean. A printed manual is not delivered. Corsair only includes a sheet that shows an exploded drawing of the Obsidian 800D and a link for the download manual.

    Corsair Obsidian 800D: Performance
    The cooling performance of the Obsidian is good, although the fan of the CPU cooler sucks fresh air from the lid-side and thus interferes with the actual cooling concept. At a distance of 50 centimeters the test components installed in the case reach a loudness of 2.6 sone, which is quite good. With 77 degrees Celsius the temperature of the graphics card is a little higher than in other cases - this might be because there is no opening or fan in the side panel directly above the cards.

    Corsair Obsidian 800D reviewed (23)Corsair Obsidian 800D reviewed (23)Quelle: PC Games HardwareQuality of workmanship and stability of the Obsidian 800d are very good, but this affects the weight, too: Corsair's first case reaches 16 kilograms - when empty. So if you go to LAN parties often or move your PC around a lot, you might want to look for a smaller and lighter case, but on the other hand there should be too many people who are able to steal the Obsidian and walk away with it under their shirt.

    Corsair Obsidian 800D: Conclusion
    The corsair Obsidian 800d doesn't have any big weaknesses and offers a lot of detail solutions. A water cooling system and an army of hard drives aren't a problem either. The cooling performance is good and the possibility to put cables out of sight shouldn't make only modders happy. Therefore the Corsair Obsidian 800D receives our Top Product Award. Currently the case is listed for about 320 Euros and several shops specified August 21 as the release date. Given the size, the quality and the features the price is justified.

    ProductCorsair Obsidian 800D
    PriceCa. 230 Euros
    MaterialSECC with brushed aluminum front
    Fans1x 140 mm (rear), 1x 140 (inserted floor), 1x 140 mm (HDDs), 3x 120mm (lid) optional
    Modding/SilentWindow, Tube holes
    Front I/O4x USB, Firewire, Audio
    Weight16 kilograms
    Dimensions228 x 610 x 610 mm
    CPU temperature (load)74 degrees Celsius
    GPU temperature (load)77 degrees Celsius
    Case temperature (load)24 degrees Celsius
    Hard drive temperature (load)33 degrees Celsius
    Loudness in Sone (load)2.6 Sone


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Corsair debuts on PC case market
Corsair is extending the product array step by step. With the Obsidian 800D we just received a sample of Corsair's first PC case.