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  • Roccat Kova and Pyra: Exclusive details of the new gaming mice

    Besides the gaming keyboard Arvo Roccat also wants to introduce two new gaming mice: the Kova and the Pyra.

    This year Roccat wants to release several interesting products for gamers. Besides the mouse pad Sonta and the USB Hub/Bungee Apuri this includes the Arvo gaming keyboard and the Kova mouse. The latter one has not been officially introduced, but PC Games Hardware already got the important details and exclusive pictures.

    Roccat Kova Roccat Kova Quelle: PC Games Hardware

    Roccat Kova
    The Roccat Kova is designed for both, left and right handed use. This is one of the more obvious differences to the Kone which is intended to be used with the right hand. Besides that the entry prices differ, too. While the Kone cost about 70 Euros when it was launched, the Kova is said to become available for 49 Euros.

    The Kova is a little more puristic than the Kone. It looks more angular, has less buttons and is noticeably lighter. Furthermore the used technology is different, too: The Roccat Kova is equipped with an optical sensor that offers dpi adjustment to 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 dpi. All in all the Kova has five buttons with two side buttons on the left as well as the right side (for left or right handed usage). A nice gimmick: The mouse can be illuminated with changing light colors if the user wants it. The Kova can be configured without any drivers.

    During our hands-on tests the Kova made a solid impression. It is working precisely, but the low weight might irritate some users. The sides of the Kova also offer maximum grip and you don't press the side buttons by accident.

    Roccat Kone versus Kova

    Roccat Pyra
    A real novelty is the notebook gaming keyboard Pyra. According to the latest plans it will be released in November and cost between 50 and 60 Euros. The Pyra is supposed to be a wireless mouse with a polling ratio of 1000 hertz. The maximal resolution is 1600 dpi and the batteries will be rechargeable. Furthermore it will be possible to charge the battery by connecting the mouse to the USB port. All in all the Pyra has five buttons: Two main buttons, the wheel and two side buttons (one on the left and one on the right side).

    In our hands-on test the small dimensions of the Pyra and the high grip were quite convincing and left a good impression. Of course a full review has to show if the mouse is suitable for long-time usage, but the Pyra nevertheless has big potential.


    Roccat Kone versus Kova
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    Exclusive pictures and information
    Besides the gaming keyboard Arvo Roccat also wants to introduce two new gaming mice: the Kova and the Pyra.
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