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  • Diablo 3 im Test: Die internationalen Wertungen sind gut - Spieler sind dagegen enttäuscht

    Das Tor zur Hölle ist geöffnet und Diablo 3 im Handel. Im Test macht das Spiel bei der internationalen Fachpresse eine gute Figur, doch die Spieler sehen das anders. Die sind teils schon durch die Katakomben und bemängeln die kurze Kampagne. Dazu kommen die zahlreichen Fehler - insbesondere in Verbindung mit Blizzards DRM.

    Diablo 3 ist raus und die ersten Spieler sind schon zum ersten Mal durch - in den höchsten Schwierigkeitsgraden. Zeit, sich einen Eindruck von der Qualität des Spiels zu machen. Die internationale Fachpresse weist im Test durchschnittlich 88 Prozent aus, basierend auf derzeit 25 Wertungen. Ein recht ordentliches Ergebnis. Ausreißer nach unten gibt es so gut wie nicht. Ganz anders sieht das bei den Spielern aus. Da hagelt es Kritik. Basierend auf über 3.800 Bewertungen kommt Blizzards Hack & Slay gerade auf 4,0/10,0. Die größten Kritikpunkte sind bei Spielern das leidige DRM, die Startprobleme und die Kürze des Spiels. Hier eine Übersicht der Testwertungen (alle Werte sind ins Prozentsystem umgerechnet): - 100
    Blizzard had to compromise to manage the expectations of a larger audience. Diablo III still manages to remain truthful to its roots, while still increasing accessibility for newcomers. Some players might be annoyed by those revisions of the formula, but the truth is that Diablo III still is the benchmark of modern hack'n slash games we were praying to get, thanks to incredible production values, polish, sound work and content.

    RPGamer - 100
    It takes the core experience that made Diablo II great and makes it less frustrating and, more importantly, much more accessible. Where Diablo II encouraged careful planning and forethought, Diablo III encourages experimentation and fun. And hey, if you're not down with that, Torchlight II is right around the corner.

    Machinima - 95
    With Diablo III, Blizzard made one of the most approachable and enjoyable games in the world even better. In fact, aside from the annoying online-only infrastructure, I can't imagine a single thing I would change to make this game better. That's when you know you have a classic on your hands, and that's also when you know you should play this game as much as you can.

    GamingXP - 94
    Diablo III is a perfectly done hack 'n' slay game that captures the spirit of its predecessors. Great cinematics, a well-done talent system and large maps are just a few of Diablo III's strengths.

    AusGamers - 92
    Getting online and into the game though, rewards players with one of the most engaging single-player and co-op experiences in the business, so if you have patience and can look past Blizzard's biggest oversight, you're in for one of the year's best games.

    PC Games - 91
    Ob Diablo 3 auch auf Dauer so erfolgreich sein wird wie sein uralter Vorgänger, weiß ich natürlich nicht. Was ich aber weiß: Diablo 3 ist ein verdammt gutes Spiel geworden, das fast alle meine Erwartungen erfüllt. Einzig bei der Story – ja, die ist mir wichtig! – hatte ich mir mehr erhofft, die teils lahme Präsentation und die vorhersehbaren Wendungen wären für meinen Geschmack vermeidbar gewesen. Doch mir ist natürlich klar, dass die meisten Leute von Diablo vor allem eine süchtigmachende Monsterhatz erwarten, und in dieser Hinsicht ist das Spiel ziemlich konkurrenzlos: Mit saucoolen Klassen, knalligen Kämpfen, Beute im Überfluss und einer wunderschönen Grafik löst das Spiel für mich seinen ehrwürdigen Vorgänger endgültig ab. Und ich glaube, ein größeres Kompliment kann man einem Hack & Slay kaum machen.

    JeuxActu - 90
    Diablo 3 is THE amazing game players were waiting for. Beautiful, nervous and featuring an entertaining campaign as well as a great multiplayer experience, Diablo 3 proves that Blizzard remains loyal to the series offering one of the best hack'n'slash titles on the market. Some mistakes like requirement of an internet connection, its simplified gameplay and few minor software bugs will be easily forgiven by the players. A must-have game.

    XGN - 90
    After twelve long years the master of all dungeon crawlers is back. Diablo III is a must-have for every PC-gamer and offers tons of fun, loot and content. - 90
    Although it is a new game wrapped in old game mechanics, Diablo III stands out as an achievement in game craftsmanship. The shear brilliance, flow and amount of fun this game offers is nothing short of staggering.

    Eurogamer Germany - 90
    It may not be the action-rpg-messiah that some may have expected, but it easily matches its predecessors... Blizzard's new creation defends the throne with a mix of proven gameplay and tons of features.

    SpazioGames - 90
    Fans asked for Diablo, Blizzard delivered. Diablo III isn't the amazing evolution of the hack 'n' slash genre everyone was expecting, but it's still an incredibly good game that will challenge you like no other if you decide to deeply explore everything it has to offer. Diablo is back, say goodbye to your social life.

    Eurogamer Italy - 90
    After so many years, Diablo is back for good. Despite the initial connection issues and the visuals that do not set a new standard, this is still the best hack 'n' slash in town. Will it last 12 years as Diablo II? We don't know, but for sure we are going to play it for months.

    Edge Magazine - 90
    You may think you know Diablo, but you don't know it with this level of polish, from the clean brilliance of interlocking skills and classes to the sheer amount of chaos the game's comfortable with conjuring in its later dungeons. It's a testament to what money and confidence (Blizzard's own equivalent of mana and health) can do.

    VideoGamer - 90
    This is not the most adventurous action RPG on the market, then, but its razor-sharp and uncompromising focus on structure and mechanics ensures it's one of the most playable. Diablo III quite simply revels in being a video game, and when a game is this well-executed it's impossible to resist those charms.

    3DJuegos - 90
    Diablo III is a great game, but not the evolution for the series that we were expecting. Despite all of its complains, this Action-RPG is an amazing experience... especially on its online side.

    Gamereactor Sweden - 90
    Blizzard has truly done it. They've kept what was so great about Diablo II whilst implementing enough new to keep me satisfied for what I belive will be ten more wonderful years. So what are you waiting for? Diablo won't slay himself.

    Cheat Code Central - 90
    The third game is near flawless, embracing the standards of its forbearers while complementing their blueprint with every form of solo and multiplayer content we could have asked for. Most of these features are improvements, though some pose strict barriers on gameplay and technical issues unfortunately keep it off the pedestal of perfection.

    Gamereactor Denmark - 90
    Forget the semi-lame beta. This is the real deal. Diablo III is as addictive as ever. A beauty to enjoy with friends and a great experience. The story might not be the best ever, the music not as bombastic as we could want, but the gameplay is intact. And so is the loot. Oh yes. The loot. Well, back to the game we go. There is a another nightmare to be had. - 90
    Blizzard sets a new standard for the hack and slash genre with Diablo III. All conventional game elements like a smooth and fast-paced combat system, leveling up and the huge amount of variation in enemies already make for a complete and good game. Original attacks, challanging bosses and a nifty rewards system lift Diablo III to the next level and leaves the competition to bite its dust. The improved accesiblity makes the game slightly too easy though, especially in the start.

    games(TM) - 80
    Blizzard deals best in the subtle, and there's never any doubt where the focus of Diablo III lies. Even after the final battle is completed and the credits roll, your warrior is still there, ready for the next difficulty level. As such, the balance between the classes, the skills, and the loot get the bulk of Blizzard's attention, which is for the best.

    The Escapist - 80
    Diablo 3 is a classic Blizzard sequel. The core gameplay has been iterated on and sharpened to a fine edge, while it ultimately feels a little light on major, impactful changes and the required constant internet connection will be a deal breaker for some.

    Metro GameCentral - 80
    The details may have changed but this is still fundamentally the same game as the 1996 original. But that's kind of the point. Diablo isn't interested in innovation or subtlety; it's interested in empowerment and cheap thrills. It knows that clicking on monsters to bash their brains in with an axe is fun and its only concern is ensuring it stays that way no matter how, and with whom, you play it.

    Quarter to Three - 80
    It's a real thumb in the eye to have to suffer through a launch that was exactly like any MMO launch. It's a sad reality that too many of us have accepted DRM with gritted teeth and open wallets, so this is likely the price of AAA gaming for the foreseeable future. Us sheep get what we deserve, which is a Diablo III, a fine game for playing solo, with all the pitfalls of an online game.

    Guardian - 80
    For single players, it's an entertaining and gorgeous-looking dungeon hack but it's a bit short, extremely linear and hardly pushing any boundaries. Playing online (and Blizzard isn't really giving us a choice) makes it a better balanced and more compelling challenge, with all the potential to be the kind of lifestyle substitute that Diablo's legion of hunter-gatherer fans should relish.

    BigPond GameArena - 65
    I've played 28 hours of Diablo 3 (according to the in-game measurement) - but this isn't the whole story. I've spent six hours not playing it - nearly a quarter of my time total. With no competitive multiplayer (except for the facile concept of a 'race to the finish line'), constant network related issues and what I feel is negative movement in terms of the 'loot' metagame, Diablo 3 in its current state isn't something I see myself playing any more.

    Quellen: Metacritic

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Das Tor zur Hölle ist geöffnet und Diablo 3 im Handel. Im Test macht das Spiel bei der internationalen Fachpresse eine gute Figur, doch die Spieler sehen das anders. Die sind teils schon durch die Katakomben und bemängeln die kurze Kampagne. Dazu kommen die zahlreichen Fehler - insbesondere in Verbindung mit Blizzards DRM.
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