3DMark Vantage: Exklusives Interview (englisch)


3DMark Vantage: Exklusives Interview (englisch)

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14.04.2008 16:19 Uhr
PCGH hatte die Möglichkeit, mit Futuremark ein Exklusiv-Interview zum kommenden 3DMark Vantage zu führen. Vorab gibt es das Interview auf Englisch, wir arbeiten aber an einer deutschen Fassung.

Die Fragen beantworteten Oliver Baltuch und Dr. Jukka Makinen von Futuremark.

3DMark Vantage: Exklusives Interview mit Futuremark 3DMark Vantage: Exklusives Interview mit Futuremark [Quelle: [Futuremark]] 3DMark Vantage: Allgemeine Fragen

PCGH: Will 3DMark Vantage have the same business model like PCMark Vantage with a free trail version version that only runs once, a basic edition for 7 US-Dollar and the Advanced version for 20 US-Dollar?

Oliver Baltuch: Yes. The new model we started with PCMark® Vantage was to have a trial version for no cost and then a Basic Edition which could be used over and over for less than 5 Euros. This gives us greater freedom to use higher end tooling (like Softimage XSI) and computers to really concentrate on delivering the kind of quality products that are expected by those same customers. The price of the Advanced and Professional editions have stayed the same at $19.95 (Approx. 12 Euros) and $495 (Approx. 330 Euros).

PCGH: Do you follow the concept of game tests that contribute to the 3DMark score and feature tests that don't?

Oliver Baltuch: Yes, as we have done before we have a variety of game tests for thoroughly and fairly benchmarking the hardware of a PC that contribute to the score as well as a set of feature tests for bringing out individual characteristics for the more technical fans and professionals. One change is that the advanced versions will have higher end presets to be able to test some of the very highest end hardware available in the next several years.

PCGH: How many game tests will 3DMark Vantage feature?

Oliver Baltuch: This has not yet been announced, but, it will be similar to past versions of 3Dmark(R). All of our tests are brand new with new engines made from the ground up. They test the latest hardware right to the limit and also allow for truly testing multi-CPU and multi-GPU properly.

PCGH: There were some screenshots in the net that showed Sapphire logos on a boat. How is Sapphire involved in 3DMark Vantage?

Oliver Baltuch: I have not seen the images on the web yet since we have been very busy preparing the benchmark and visiting GDC for Futuremark Games Studio, but, we are very proud to have Sapphire technology as a member of the Benchmark Development Program (BDP) who is able to give us tremendous insight into the world of Graphics Cards as well as providing their excellent quality assurance assistance worldwide. Since In-Game advertising is the latest thing in games (see Massive or Double Fusion), we felt it would add one more element to have an in-game sponsor that also added to the look and feel of one of our scenes. They have a really cool logo that fitted right in the theme.

PCGH: In which way are AMD/ATI and Nvida involved in the development process of 3DMark Vantage?

3DMark Vantage: Exklusives Interview mit Futuremark 3DMark Vantage: Exklusives Interview mit Futuremark [Quelle: Futuremark] Oliver Baltuch: AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, S3, Compal, Sapphire, Dell, Gateway, Velocity Micro, Microsoft and many others are all members of the BDP. They work together with Futuremark through our transparency process to create and refine the specifications, request and comment on all changes, help troubleshoot and find bugs in their massive QA and Performance labs, provide valuable insight into how their products work. Through the transparency process, they also all have the right to come to Finland to view our well documented source code to ensure fairness among all the members. My guys in Finland have had many enjoyable times when each of our partners have visited.

PCGH: What are you plans to minimize possible graphics driver optimizations solely for 3DMark Vantage?

Oliver Baltuch: All of the drivers from our partners that can be used to derive a score are put through our testing lab for qualification to be used for accepted scores in our Online Results Browser (ORB). I must say that they are all very professional driver groups who have improving game performance and quality as their number one mission.


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