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      • Von Bandicoot BIOS-Overclocker(in)
        Kein DX12 mit im Patch, kommt etwas später!
        Es hies der Patch ist Fertig aber trifft auf Treiber Probleme bei Nvidia und AMD. Dauert also noch.
      • Von CptSam Sysprofile-User(in)
        Gibt es schon Neuigkeiten zum DX12 Patch?

        edit: ah sehs grade gleich mal testen
      • Von Bandicoot BIOS-Overclocker(in)
        Kurze Info, wir sind schon bei Patch v208.2

        ARK: Survival Evolved Patch 208 & 208.1


        Fixed some server crashes
        Fixed issue with wall signs & activated powered electronics not attaching to platform structures
        Fixed Brontos/Rafts getting pushed by structures built onto the them
        Fixed invisible character materials after equipping armor in singleplayer/local play
        Wild Dinos (i.e. Sharks etc) will no longer attack rafts
        Fixed a save-painting crash
        Fixed platform-attached climbing ladder funkyness
        Fixed Torch/Fire Lights not being attached correctly on moving platforms
        Rafts physics no longer get stuck underwater at low server fps
        Platform saddles can no longer be colorized when structures are already placed on them (for now).
        Fixed a client case where all saddle-platform structures could be detached depending on network payload order
        You can no longer spawn at platform-saddled beds/sleeping-bags that are “thru”/near enemy structures
        Brontos can now properly climb ramps / base on structures again
        Rafts/Buggies (vehicles) no longer show “Feeding Trough” icon
        Fixed “Survival ofthe Fittest” Server crash
        Fixed Submersible Rafts http://www.minecraft-foru...
        Fixed Rafts that would end up underground at 50,50 (this should also retroactively fix any which had that occur)
        Fixed Ladder funkyness underground
        Fixed being teleported by flyer carrying you onto a platform saddle
        Fixed platform-saddled structure spawn VFX erroneously playing when first coming into view on a client

        Bugfixes v208.2

        Fixed “Survival of the Fittest” Server crash
        Fixed inaccuracy on clients display of “Repair” cost (where it would show tooltip for a Structure as needing repair but it wouldn’t actually need repair).

        Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: 208.1

        Coming This week:
        - Powered Elevator Structures
        - Controllable Ballistas/Turrets to place on structures and on the backs of your dinos (which damage stone structures at primitive tech level!)

        Coming a little further out:

        - Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand
        - Creature Breeding & Babies! Yes, they will grow dynamically in real-time!
        - DirectX12 Mode for Windows 10! Approximate +20% perf
        - Specific Representative "on-ground" meshes for all dropped items
        - Swamp Biome & New Swamp Cave
        - Snow Biome & New Snow Cave
        - Random GPU Driver crash fix: TrueSky
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ARK: Survival Evolved
Ark Survival Evolved: Update mit neuem Dinosaurier "Pachy", einem Floß und Bauoptionen
Entwickler Studio Wildcard hat ein neues Update zu seiner Dinosaurier-Simulation Ark Survival Evolved veröffentlicht. Der Patch bringt unter anderem den Dinosaurier Pachycephalosaurus ins Spiel. Der kleine Rammbock kann selbst Gebäude einreißen, die Sie mit den neuen Bauoptionen aufstellen können. Für alle Seefahrer gibt es außerdem ein Floß, um die Meere der Open World zu erkunden.